The Dirty Side Of Brian Carlsen

Brian K. Carlsen (@brettstars06), 37, from Utah is an avid Tiktoker who claims for to be a men’s mental health advocate. It appears he spent more time bashing feminism and women, then he did talking about mental health. He has proven himself to be aggressive, disrespectful and dangerous to women over the course of the last few months in his Tiktok posts and comments. In addition to his recent online campaigns against women, he has an alleged track record of domestic violence, stalking, harassment and doxing. Brian has a alleged tendency to pray on single mom’s and young girls with his good guy persona that was built on a house of lies.

Who He Pretends To Be:

Using the online name of Brett Stars, Brian Carlsen appears to have every quality a women would seek and adore in a partner. 

1. Hero – Paramedic and fire fighter. He claims to spend his days and night saving lives and protecting the weak. He frequently discussed his compassion for domestic violence victims on his Tiktok account and in Tiktok lives. FALSE: Roy City Fire Department in Utah informed the public that he had been employed by them in 2018 but did not make it through his probation period. His current employment is unknown.

Video from @tizzyent showing the email from Roy City Fire Department.

2. Lonely widower – Brian openly professed his grief over the sudden death of his young wife, Helena, due to unknown heart complications 2.5 years ago. He used this persona to gain admiration and sympathy from his female following. FALSE: Facebook evidence exists the he was married to a Charlotte Painter, his now X wife, at the same time he claimed to be married to Helena. Other individuals have come forward claiming they were romantically involved with him during this time period and that the existence of a dead wife is a fabrication.

3. Single father – Brian frequently discussed his young son and proudly shared photos of him in his Tiktok videos. FALSE: Evidence has surfaced to prove the child displayed in those videos is not his. It is allegedly his nephew, the son of his sister Michelle (last name withheld to protect her reputation.)

Savannah Spark’s (@rx0rcist) video showing evidence of Brian’s deceit about his alleged dead wife and son.

The online persona he uses to entice young girls and single moms have proved to be false. This man is not who he claims to be.

So, who is Brian Carlsen AKA @brettstars06?

Through his TikToks and other online accounts, he has proven his misogynism, perversion and overwhelming need to dominated women. Let’s look at what we have seen in recent weeks.

1. Active Domestic Violence Case – Hazel Thompson (Tiktok @on_december_17th) ended her relationship with Brian in October of 2020. According to Hazel, he proceeded to stalked and harass her over the course of the next few months. The harassment became too much for her to handle. She finally contacted the police on February 14, 2021. Charges of stalking and harassment were filed against him in March of 2021. Hazel is set to meet Brian in court on December 17th, 2021.

Hazel Thompson Story reposted by Katelynn Ferguson, see more on her below.

2. Domestics abuse – Previous girlfriend, Katelynn Ferguson (TikTok @katelynnaxford), publically told her story of abuse and stalking by Brian on tiktok. He has contacted previous employers attempting to get her fired. This all occurred 4 years ago, while he was allegedly married to his dead wife. As recently as 12/10/21, Katelynn presented proof that he has viewed her Linkedin profile. Her husband (TikTok @lawandhonor) has also spoke out about his continued harassment of himself and Katelynn.

This is video 3 of 4 from Katelynn Ferguson about her alleged abuse from Brian Carlsen.

3. Harassment and Stalking – An anonymous, alleged victim reached out to Savannah Sparks about harassment and stalking that started after a 2 month relationship back in 2019. The alleged details and texts interactions are covered in the video below.

Savannah Spark’s (@rx0rcist) video telling the anonymous victim’s story!

4. Questionable interaction with minors – As a single, middle aged man, it was uncovered that Brian Carlsen used his Tiktok account @brettstars06 to follow minor girls ranging from 13 to 17. Young girls who’s video included seductive dancing and thirst traps. Upon being questioned publically about it by Tiktoker @laurendoescare, Brian immediately privated his following list. It has been alleged that proof exist that Brian had a personal connection with a 17 year old girl when he was 22. You’ll read more about what happen with Lauren and see video proof in part 7.

5. Doxing Victim 1 – Kirsty Parker (Tiktok – @kirsty_parker1987) met Brian on tiktok. They quickly fell in love and got engaged. According to Kirsty, since ending the relationship, he has continued to harass and threaten her. In a post on a tiktok account he runs @rykerthompson398, he posted personal text conversation including an image with her home address in an attempt to shame and harass her. Publicly listing her home address has put Kirsty and her child at risk.

6. Doxing Victim 2 – Hannah (Tiktok @hannah_with_care) is a recently separated mom and much loved, men’s mental health advocate on TikTok. She got caught in Brian’s online story. They had a brief romance and Hannah quickly learned he was not who she thought he was. She traveled once to see him and immediately felt uneasy. She confirmed he did not have any photos, items or clothing for this alleged son at his place. Upon cutting off contact, Brian created multiple Google Voice numbers and proceed to call and harass Hannah. When Hannah anonymously told her story to Savannah (Tiktok @rx0rcist) about him, he retaliated by creating the Tiktok page @hannah_with_care_exposed and Instagram page @the_truth_about_hannah. On these pages, in addition to sharing their personal text messages, he also publically share her personal phone number. He is attempting to publically shame and destroy Hannah’s reputation as men’s mental health advocate. This public information put Hannah and her children at risk for harassment and more.

Savannah Spark’s (@rx0rcist) video telling Hannah’s story.

7. Rage-Farming Victim 1 – In October, Brian had a Tiktok encounter with @laurendoescare, mentioned above for uncovering his following of minors girls on Tiktok. Previously, she had told her story online of sexual assault in the military. He commented about her that “she gave him false rape allegation vibes,” insinuating she lied about her assault. Following the encounter, he mobilized his followers to spread hate towards her. In masses, they sent death threats, insults and more. This caused Lauren to temporarily shutdown her 300,000 plus follower Tiktok account due to mental health struggles and suicidal thoughts resulting from this incident. She has spoke out about it on tiktok. Recently, Lauren’s husband, known on tiktok as Church, has reopened her 300,000 plus follower account to spread the word about the dangers of Brian Carlsen to protect other women.

Video from @thatdaneshguy about Brian’s verbal abuse of @laurendoescare and the minors he follows.

8. Rage-Farming Victim 2 – What started as an innocent video response on 11/6/2021 to one of Brian’s posts by at, lead to days of insults and harassment for not only Sam but also her followers that commented on her videos supporting her or opposing Brian. Brian mobilized his masses to insult, harass and report her over and over again.

This is the video from that started the entire episode.
This is the video 3 days later on 11/9/2021.

9. Rage-Farming Victim 3 – This is the one that started the downfall of it all. Back in April, Brian began harassing Savannah Sparks (@rx0rcist) with videos and it continued until a video he posted on 11/27 about her. He told his more than 140,000 plus followers, “you know what to do.” And they did because they had done it before. Over the course of the next 2 days, Savannah received 1000’s of troll comments and death treats until on 11/29, she finally clapped back. This was the clap back that broke the story of the dirty side of Brian Carlsen. In the 1.8 million view video, she proved his dead wife and son did not exist. She proved he was sitting on a house of lies. He choose the wrong women to go after.

Savannah Spark’s (@rx0rcist) clap back, the second part of this video was show earlier debunking the story of his wife and child.
Video from @tizzyent showing the threats and message Savannah received.

In the days following Savannah’s discovery, one by one, more victims came forward to speak up about him, as previously shown. Stories were shared and evidence was shown. Tiktok became the hotbed of drama at the center of this story. All you have to do is search #briancarlsen or #brettstars06 and you will find 100’s of videos about him and his dirty little secrets.

If all this evidence and alleged stories were not enough, check out these final two videos posted on @whatsyournarrative.

This video is a showcase of Brian Carlsen’s alleged posts on Reddit showing his perversions.
Brian Carlsen claims that bcarls04 is not his Reddit account but it is in line with the name mentioned on his Fetlife account showcasing his pictures. Weird.

Brian represented himself as a men’s mental health advocate. So, why am I talking about him? Well, my Tiktok, @themanicuredmom and my backup account @themanicuredmom_backup are mostly men’s mental health, father’s rights and men’s rights content. Brian was a mutual of mine on tiktok. I, along with 140,000K other followers, believed he was who he said he was. So when shit hit the fan, I came under attack. Hate comments and messages to kill myself came rolling in. I was forced to look at all the evidence and make a decision. I could stay quiet and let the hate destroy me or I could respond and speak out about my thoughts on everything And so I spoke loudly.

This is the video I posted on my @themanicuredmom account that Brian was so mad about.

As my video said, is he guilty of everything he is being accused of? I don’t know but he is guilty of some of it and that was enough for me to know that he was someone that I did not want to be associated with. That I had made a dire mistake in supporting him in the past. This man is a sociopath at best. In the days following that video, more and more evidence rolled in. I am incredibly ashamed of my involvement with him and would like to apologize to all of his victims. I am incredibly proud of each one of you for having the courage to come forward.

Shortly after all of this evidence came out, he was temporarily banned from posting on tiktok so he could not defend himself. He could not discuss his innocence. So, instead of doing what a normal person would do and send his evidence to the number of people that offered up their platforms to show his innocence, he began smear campaigns against anyone that spoke out about him. True signs of diversion were starting to show.

First, it was the account on Instagram about Hannah and then the account on Tiktok about Hannah. And then the account on Tiktok about Kirsty. He was starting to unravel and he intended to bring everyone down with him. He boldly posted a video on one of his accounts, @hannah_with_care_exposed, threating to expose me as being anti-men, I clapped back with this fun little ditty that has since been removed from Tiktok for a community standards violations. And yet Brian’s many harassing videos still exist. I blocked him from my main account to keep him from reporting future video as have many other creators.

This is the video I posted on my @themanicuredmom that has been removed.

So finally, he got his main account back. Now was his chance to prove his innocence. He could finally show the proof about his dead wife, his alleged son, his famous fireman/ paramedic career and the host of allegations against him that he claims are false. Wouldn’t that be what you would do? Wouldn’t proving your innocence be your first priority? But, do you think that is what Brian did?


What did he do? 

Well his first video back was to smear creator Emma Bois, who has since deleted her Tiktok account after being caught in a web of lies. Her true personality was shining through as she continued to support Brian even after he made a very damaging video about her. She even saw fit to send me a tirade of 15 voice messages on Instagram on 12/09/2021 scathing me for coming forward about Brian and preaching his innocence. I let her know that her opinion held no value due a her history of lies. She abruptly deleted her Instagram account.

His next two videos we’re re-posts of the smear campaign against Hannah from the @hannah_with_care_exposed account. And last, but not least, he finally got to the evidence to prove his innocence.

Oh, wait…

Nope, he didn’t. He spent three entire videos smearing me. I guess he thinks I can not talk about men’s issues since I didn’t believe he was the good person he claimed to be. He didn’t think I could look at the evidence presented and make an educated decision. Apparently, I didn’t give him a chance to show me his evidence. At any point in time this man could have messaged me on Instagram at @the_manicured_mom. He could’ve messaged me on The Manicured Mom Facebook page. He could’ve hit the contact form right here on my website. I’m pretty easy to find online. Every account is under The Manicured Mom. A quick Google search reveals that.

He did none of those. He just continued to play the victim of the supposed false campaign against him. If it were just one victim coming forward, I could understand but at this point, we have lost count of the number of women that have had scary experiences with this man. I had a little back and forth with him on @themanicuredmom_backup.

I don’t think he liked this video. He blocked @themanicuredmom_backup shorty after I posted this on 12/9/2021.

He has been quiet online since the morning of 12/9/2021. So Brett, oops, I mean Brian, if you’re reading this, we have never tried to silence you. If you were silenced, how did you create multiple accounts on Tiktok and Instagram to smear your victims? That doesn’t seem like silence to me.

The Internet and social media can be a dirty place. Protect yourself. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with. And last but not least, don’t stay silent. Speak out. The next victim may not be as lucky as you to get out alive. Abuse survivors, men or women, need to stick together and this band of courageous women coming forward are proof that survivors are stronger together.

This blog merely presented the information complied from the detective work and bravery a group of Tiktoker’s, lead by Savannah Sparks (@rx0rcist), hoping to protect other women from becoming Brian’s future victims. I am merely the messenger. Look at the evidence provided and come to your own conclusion. If you are coming from one of my Tiktok posts, you know where I stand on the issue. If you don’t, I am sure you do now.

THIS MONSTER DOES NOT DESERVE A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. Make sure you go to TikTok and report all of Brian’s known accounts. He has proven that he is dangerous. He has proven that he will mobilize people to threaten and scare women. We need creators like that off of TikTok.

@brettstars06Brian Carlsen’s main account. Report the account for hate speech. Report any videos about the victims for harassment and bullying.

Brian K. Carlsen’s know Tiktok accounts are:

@hannah_with_care_exposed – His account specifically dedicated to smearing @hannah_with_care). Report this account as well as all videos for harassment and bullying of Hannah. 

@rykerthompson398His account specifically dedicated to smearing @kirsty_parker1987. Report the account as well as all videos for harassment and bullying of Kirsty.

@b_star04This is his new account. He has only posted 2 videos so far and is already displaying his hatred to women. Report this account and the videos for hate speech.

And last but not least, email with the list of accounts and the allegations against him. A few of his victims, he met on tiktok. The next one, who knows? Abusers have a tendency to escalate over time. Tiktok does not want that blood on their hands. Request a full IP address ban for Brian Carlsen and all associated accounts.

IMPORTANT: If you have additional information or evidence regarding Brian K. Carlsen, please reach out to me so I can be sure this blog is as throughout as possible. The public deserves to be informed.

If history repeats itself, Brian Carlsen will be back and he will continue to target women. This needs to stop now. He needs to be stopped before he escalates and someone ends up dead.

Thank you for listening and always remember, in the midst of chaos, sparkle. Don’t let life dull your shine.

Much love,

The Manicured Mom

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  1. I dated him back Jan 2019-July 2020- completely prick!! He hurt me several times and not to mention a serial cheater!! I found hair, used tampons claiming them his sisters not mine and love letters from hazel thompson. He is a user and Munipulator. I was so wanting him to like me that I got chantix prescription and cigarettes all the time. He exposed me with fake profiles like Hanna’s and krisry to my family and friends. He also harassed my then boyfriend. I worked with him and that how I met him and he slept with multiple girls to there also while I dated him. Anyways I have screenshots of emails he sent me of him trying to get me fired and stuff. Let me know if I can help.!

  2. I just found your account today while doom scrolling through the Netflix docuseries we are seeing in real time. This is the most concise, informative and comprehensive collection of everything that took me hours to try and grasp.

    Thank you for doing this. This is really needed because tiktok is hard to keep up with, really any social media when stuff hits the fan.

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