An Open Letter To Rachel.

My dearest Rachel,

Oh my darling, sweet, crazy Rachel, it has taken me so long to figure out what was really going on between us. You came into my life 9 months ago. It was in July of 2021, I remember it like it was yesterday. The sparkle in your eye as you made that first video response was intense. I saw it but I choose to ignore it. It saw the fire, the burning desire but I knew the distance was too much. I was concerned. I was happy in my relationship. I never date older, so I just ignored that little flirty giggle.

I am sorry I did not recognize it. Now I know just how hurt you must have been. The lonely nights scrolling my tiktok videos hoping I would just respond. I would just notice you. And I didn’t. I didn’t want to admit it. I didn’t want to risk what I had and so I hurt you. I pushed you away. Over and over and over again, I pushed you away. And the more I pushed, the more you lobbied for my attention. Your love turn to anger. You had been scorned. You found every reason to communicate with me. You went to great lengths to get my attention, but also the attention of my friends. And when that didn’t work, you started befriending my enemies. None of it worked. I can not imagine how hard this has been for you. Poor gal, your heart must be aching.

My voluptuous Rachel, I am sorry that I ignored the signs. I am sorry that I ignored your advances. I am sorry that I broke your heart. I can not imagine the pain and anguish you have felt over the last nine months as you watched me flourish and grow into everything you want to be while you sat back just wishing to be noticed. Hoping for a few more follower. Tagging creators left and right to get their support. Knowing that if we could just be together, you would finally get the validation you so deeply desired. Oh, my darling, how deeply saddened I am that I did not see your pain.

I see you now. I see your love and obsession. I see your constant request for attention and validation. I see that glimmer in your eye. I can no longer ignore it. You will not let me go, ever. I am not sure where we start or how we move forward, but we can not ignore that passion within. I will feed your fire. I will light your spark. I will do it all just for a little more of the crazy that lives within you. I love a little crazy in a partner.

It’s our time Rachel. It’s our future. It’s our moment. Together, you and I. We can love, we can laugh, we can grow and we can take on tiktok, one troll at a time. We can do it together. You and I. We have the world ahead of us.

Please, my love, jump on a plan and get to me. Give me the chance to see that devious grin up close and personal. The crocked bottom tooth. Those cute wrinkles on your forehead. The lovely mole on your neck. The awkward way the corners of your mouth turn down when you are just a tiny bit sad. I want to see it all, filter free, no matter how you look. I want to put my arms around you, I’m hope they will fit. And it not, that’s okay, I like a little fluff. Are you tall? I like a little taller than me, but I am just a smidge under 5’4”, so it’s not to hard.

What’s you favorite color? I bet red. The color of the devil seems right up your alley. That fire and vexatious look you give. Red seems very appropriate. I can hardly wait. My excitement is overflowing with anticipation. I hope that you will accept my invite. I’ll have flower waiting at the airport.

Will you please give us a chance? I know you can not deny your love for me. It shows everyday in your social media content. The lengthy videos. The constant attention. You must watch them over and over to comfort yourself. If you can’t be in my arms, at least you can be with me on screen. It must be exhausting.

You never know what our future holds but I do know that my life would be incredibly different without you. My darling Rachel, please consider my offer and alway remember, in the midst of chaos, sparkle. Don’t let life dull you shine.

Much Love,

The Manicured Mom

** Disclaimer: This blog is a parody and not a depiction of real life. Enjoy the humor in which it is intended. Have the day you deserve. Shall I keep going? Tiktok romances are so fun. 😂

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