A Voice For Silenced Men…

Hi! My name is Tammy, people know me as The Manicured Mom™. I am a mother, friend, egalitarian, blogger, men’s advocate and tiktoker. I believe that all humans deserve equality of status, opportunity and rights. I hate the double standards that exist in society. I see that men’s voices are silenced and their cries for better mental health care, equality in family courts, domestic violence support, suicide awareness and so much more are not not heard.

About 2 years ago, I made a tiktok about how good men exist and the outpouring from men was overwhelming. I did know how many men needed to hear that until I woke up to thousand of men telling thank you. It broke my heart that one small voice on the internet made so many men feel heard. Since that day, I have actively advocated for the world to see and hear the disadvantage faced by men.

I have a young son. Every time I hear a man face the struggle in a world where he is seen as privilege and in no need of help, I see my son’s future. One day, my sweet, small boy will be a man, and I want a better future for him. One day when he faces the disadvantages that men face in this world, I want to be able to tell him that his mom did everything she could to change the world for him.

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