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  • Men Are Confused Over Values

    We live in a world where everything a man does or says is seen as wrong by some women out there. Even the best of men are confused and belittled and frustrated. They don’t know which way to turn or which actions are allowed. Around every corner is a toxic feminist screaming that good men…

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  • Why Men Are Walking Away?

    Being an advocate for men is not a popular path to take. Men are seen as privileged in our society. Men are seen as protector and providers. Men are seen as tough and strong. Men are so much more. Men have emotions and struggles and disadvantages that are unique to them. Men need to be…

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  • What lies ahead?

    What lies ahead?

    They say that you have to lose it all to realize what you really have. Truer words could not be spoken. This has been my last two years. I lost my Dad. I lost my marriage. I split custody of my child so I lost half his life. I got back out in the world.……

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  • If I could say one last thing…

    One of the hardest things to do in life is to move forward when there is no closure to the past. It is like a book that is missing the last few pages. No explanation. No reason. No answers. Just an abrupt end before the story was over. In my heart of hearts, I know……

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  • I Found The Words.

    I Found The Words.

    Are you tired of hearing from me this week? I have had a lot to work through and I am thankful you have been hear to get me through it. I prayed for the words to tell the small boy he would not be seeing Mr. X and his kids anymore. And my prayers were……

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  • It’s Not Just Me.

    It’s Not Just Me.

    I picked the small boy up from his Dad’s house today. I am looking forward to the extra noise in our home. I am excited for another week with him. What I wasn’t expecting was what he said the moment he got in my Jeeps. I ask if he had a good time at his……

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  • I give myself 12 Days.

    I give myself 12 Days.

    Today, I should have been snuggled on the couch watching football with my love, enjoying the last moments of my holiday break. Today, I should have been laughing and talking about what the new year had in store for us. Today, I should have been making plans for our kids next weekend. Today, I should……

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  • Goodbye to 2020.

    Goodbye to 2020.

    I stayed quiet about the pandemic. Everything that needed to be said was being said. I was focusing on my life, my son, my job and my new relationship. I was investing in my future. I was enjoying the downtime. I was also missing friends and family. I was looking for something or someone to……

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  • When happy finds you.

    When happy finds you.

    Life has a way of surprising you. We are in the midst of a pandemic. Life has changed so much in the last few month. I miss parks with my small boy. I miss our Saturday adventures. I miss our trips to the water park. I miss dancing in a bar. I miss going out……

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  • The ladder worked.

    The ladder worked.

    It’s hard to dance when you are standing on a wall. I tiptoed up there for quite a while. I have to be honest, that wall blocked the warmth of the sun. Years of trust issues and hurt made my world a dark place. When I finally got the courage to climb that wall, it……

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