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The Color Street Challenge.

So, I try not to overwhelm you with my obsession with glitter dipped nails but I wanted to share exactly why I fell in love with Color Street. I suck at painting my nails, I am way too impatient too let them dry and I always screw them up. And as relaxing as the nail salon can be, I do not have the time, nor the money to sit there for an hour or more every week only to leave and mess up my nails.

When I was introduced to Color Street, I thought they sounded to good to be true. Boy, was I wrong. They are real nail polish strips. They are easy to apply, they require no dry time. No more wasting time at the manicurist, no more mess, no more dull boring nails. They last 7-10 days or even longer. The selection of styles and colors are amazing. And the price is affordable.

Tammy’s Nail Perfection Color Street ChallengeColor Street Nail Strips vs. OPI Salon System

I decided to put the Color Street Nail Strips to a test. I did a head to head comparison with them and the OPI Salon Manicure System. I went into this hoping and wondering if Color Street would stand up to this test. I put salon quality polish on a few nails and Color Street Accents on a few. Which one will last longer? Follow along to find out.

Tammy’s Nail PerfectionColor Street Challenge – Day 1 and I will never polish again.

I learned I hate painting my nails. I made a mess, and I smugded them before they were dry and had to redo a few. I used the whole OPI primer, color and clear system on the pink nails. This process took me over an hour and my Color Street nail were on in minutes. On my pointer, I used Opi primer and color and put Color Street Coral Bay over it. And on my index finger, I used Color Street Tokyo Lights and Shangri- La cause y’all know I need All. The. Glitter. Let’s see how the next week goes.

Tammy’s Nail Perfection Color Street Challenge – Day 2

I dislike liquid polish, even the salon quality OPI system. The OPI only nails are already losing some of their shine and showing signs of wear on their tips. The Color Street only nail looks the same as yesterday. The Color Street over OPI looks pretty good but has a minor chip where I hit is really hard. It’s such a shame. OPI is what a lot of reputable salons use for manicures. It’s expensive and you sit there for an hour only to have this happen. Years ago, I had my nails done the day before my wedding and walked down the isle with chipped nails.

Tammy’s Nail Perfection

Tammy’s Nail PerfectionColor Street Challenge – Day 3

Morning update. Ugh….I am trying to live through the life of my Color Street strips but the chipping of the salon quality OPI Polish System is really bugging me. It makes me sad that a polish set that cost over $35 dollars and was applied meticulously would look this bad so quick. It annoys me even more when I go to the salon and spend $20-25 and I have the same results. Guess that’s why I fell in love with Color Street in the first place.

Tammy’s Nail PerfectionColor Street Challenge – Day 4

Well….my nails are looking lovely. (Insert sarcastic tone.) It is incredibly annoying but I love that the Color Street only and the Color Street over OPI look perfect. Honestly, when I started this challenge, I was worried I was going to eat my words and I was a little nervous I picked such a high end polish to use in this test. I will give it one more day but that is about as long as I can handle the manicure looking like this. I sparkle a little more when my nails are on point.

Tammy’s Nail Perfection Color Street Challenge – Day 5

Any one sick of seeing these mangy looking nails? I sure am. The benefits of good polish is it protects your nails and gives them added strength. So I chipped my middle finger nail because their was no protection on the tips. Peeling polish doesn’t just look bad but it’s a nuisance. They are rough and snag on my clothes and hair. My Color Street Nails are still going strong. As this point, I think the results speak for themselves and that $35 OPI Polish System has been a disappointment from the time consuming application to the day 5 mess.

TIP: A salon manicure is nice from time to time. I love to get my cuticle cleaned up and enjoy being pampered from time to time. At least, now, I know that I can add any number of the Color Street transparent overlays on my Salon Manicure and it will last the life of Color Street.

Tammy’s Nail PerfectionColor Street Challenge – Day 6

Final day, this crap is coming off tonight, never again will I use polish. Way too time consuming and messy for the short- term results. Way before I became a stylist, I fell in love with Color Street for a reason. Bye-bye chipped nails just in time for an another beautiful manicure.

Tammy’s Nail Perfection The life of my Color Street Manicures

I really did think that these nail strips were too good to be true. I was proven wrong.

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I have an awesome Color Street VIP group on Facebook called Tammy’s Nail Perfection. In the group, we have lots of fun. It is a great place to learn tips and tricks, win prizes, redeem loyalty cards, find amazing specials and get Color Street Cash.

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Now, if you just want to get your hands on these fabulous nail strips and skip out on the VIP fun, feel free to shop my site.

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It was only using Color Street for a few months when I signed up to be a stylist. I always said, as a busy working mom, I would never have a side gig, but I fell in love with this product and wanted to share it with the world. I love Color Street. I have beautiful nails. I have met an amazing group of fellow stylist and customers who make life better. I have extra cash in my pocket to pay for things like sports for my kiddos and extra dinners with friends. It lightens the load of financial responsibility for my family. Man, what a fun ride it’s been.

Tammy’s Nail PerfectionCheck out my Color Street Card

This little card is how I get paid for having fabulous nails. Want to join my team? I’d love to talk to you about it. Shot me an email at or comment below and I’ll get back to you or just make the jump and join my team. I’ll help you jump start your business with a fabulous launch party.

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Y’all life has a funny way of giving you what you need. Color Street was what I needed. Life has been pretty crazy and this has added so much fun in the mix. Color Street has helped me find my sparkle. I hope that you join me in my nail obsession and find your sparkle to.

Tammy’s Nail Perfection Do your manicures look like this?

Thanks for indulging me and supporting me along the way. I hope we chat again soon. Until then, remember, in the midst of chaos, sparkle. Don’t let life dull your shine.

Much Love,

The Manicured Mom

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