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Why all the sparkle?

When my life was already busy, I jumped in an opportunity that added more work. Most people thought it was crazy. My Dad had just been diagnosed with brain cancer, the company I have worked at for years was in the midst of being bought, my marriage was not exactly perfect and I had a… Continue reading Why all the sparkle?

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Join Color Street

If you have been on the fence about Color Street, October is the Month to join. In addition to our amazing Stylist Kit, which you can see below, you get 5 additional fall sets FREE. That is $389 in product and business supplies to get your business going. I would love to talk to you… Continue reading Join Color Street

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When you see the shine.

When you put in the hard work, you reap the rewards. A day spent cleaning rewards me with a shiny home. An afternoon spent washing the Jeep rewards me with a shiny jeep. A few months searching your soul rewards you with a shiny you. It takes work, reflection, support and tears but when you… Continue reading When you see the shine.

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Raise Your Voice

More than 1 in 3 women and nearly 1 in 4 men have experienced some form of sexual violence in their lifetime, according to the CDC. Due to a burgeoning wave of support for survivors, many are seeking help in record numbers. This July, our Color Street Foundation focus is on sexual assault awareness, prevention, and… Continue reading Raise Your Voice

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The Color Street Challenge.

So, I try not to overwhelm you with my obsession with glitter dipped nails but I wanted to share exactly why I fell in love with Color Street. I suck at painting my nails, I am way too impatient too let them dry and I always screw them up. And as relaxing as the nail… Continue reading The Color Street Challenge.