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Why all the sparkle?

When my life was already busy, I jumped in an opportunity that added more work. Most people thought it was crazy. My Dad had just been diagnosed with brain cancer, the company I have worked at for years was in the midst of being bought, my marriage was not exactly perfect and I had a kindergartener with a few of his own struggles. I was stressed. I was anxious. I was having trouble sleeping. I just needed something fun.

In July of 2018, a friend signed up to be a Color Street Stylist. “Just another brand of awful nail strips,” or so I thought. I kept seeing her posts. I didn’t buy them. A random stranger gave me a sample, I didn’t try it. I wasn’t buying tools and heating elements. I was not soaking my hands in acetone and ruining my health and my nails when they looked awful and I wanted them off.

Fast forward to October 2018, a friend, and breast cancer survivor, was walking the Avon Breast Cancer walk and Color Street had Breast Cancer Awareness strips. I couldn’t be there for the walk, so to be there in spirit, I bought a set for her and a few sets for me. Buy 3, get 1 free and this girl is never gonna pass up a discount. So 4 sets it was. I bought red and black glittery spiders for Halloween to make the small boy smile. I bought houndstooth for Alabama. I bought red and black polka dots for my love of Minnie Mouse.

So, assuming the worst, I sat down and put those stupid things on my nails. No special tools. No heating element. It took me about 15 minutes and I didn’t have to wait on them to dry. Bonus!!!! And it was easy. Double Bonus!!!!And they looked great. And I loved them. I instantly wanted more and every color and design and I needed to try them all. I became a walking billboard for Color Street. 100% real nail polish in a dry formula, what??? (Read about how I put Color Street to the test against the OPI Salon Manicure System.)

So, November hits and my Dad is diagnosed with brain cancer. I was worried and I was helpless being 9 hours away. I had trouble sleeping. I need something fun and positive, so I signed up to be a Color Street Stylist. It was supposed to be a fun, little activity to distract me from the crazy in my life. Something to do when I couldn’t sleep. I never intended it to turn into a business. I never intended for it be an income stream. I just thought I would sell enough to pay for my own nail habit and have a little fun while doing it.

Fast forward to March and my Dad passed away. Color Street was a light for me. My customers were supportive. My team was supportive. It was something positive to do when I was sad and when I had cried all the tears that I could cry. It was something positive to focus on.

Fast forward to June and my husband is moving out and I am in the midst of a separation. I am dividing my household and the custody of my child. I bought our family home and now I am strapped with a big mortgage and insurance and all it takes to do it alone. Don’t get me wrong. I have a good career. It pays my bills. It covers the mortgage, cars, insurance, groceries and day to day but not a whole lot more. What about the fun?

Now, Color Street became so much more important. As a family, we had booked a trip to Disney to take our sweet small boy. When we booked in January, I made a joke about how it would be nice if Color Street could pay for this. I actually never thought it was possible. I sat down and ran the numbers and figured out that I needed to sell $20k in nail strips to pay for Disney. Right? That is insane.

Well, now, reality was slapping me in the face. My sweet, small boy was dealing with so much, he deserved this trip to Disney and I really wanted to give it to him. So, I worked my business. I ran the numbers. I promoted. I had parties, I started building a little team. My business was growing and it was filing the void while I was adjusting to life without a dad, a husband and only partial custody of my kiddo.

I had till the end of October to cancel my trip, so I waited and I work and I prayed. Boy, did I pray. I needed a miracle. August hits and I decided in the midst of everything, I needed to do something for me, so I jump on last minute and signed up to go to Color Street conference in Orlando. Man, what a game changer that was. I met my team and they welcomed me with open arms. We laughed, we share and we became friends. It wasn’t just that. It was the stories, the inspirations, the pride of the Color Street family and it lit a fire in me. Conference made me realize, this was so much more than selling nail strips.

I have made life long friends. They build me up. They support me. They cheer me on. They laugh at my dating mishaps. They are a sisterhood that I didn’t know that I needed but God put me on this path for a reason and I am fairly sure they are a big part of that reason. They fill my souls with laughter and goodness on days when I can’t find the bright spot. And believe me, there have been a few.

Fast forward again to November, a week before my trip to Disney and I hit that $20,000 goal. And I did it as a single mom, working a full time job, managing a house, a six year old, a divorce, dealing with the death of my dad, a diagnosis with anxiety and a newly, necessary social life.

I did it.

It did it for me.

I did it for my son.

I did with the support of my amazing Color Street team.

The small boy and I spent 7 magical days in Disney. We stayed on property. We rode the monorail. We watch the fireworks from the beach at our resort. We laughed and explored until our feet hurt and the only reason this trip was possible was because of Color Street. My prayers were answered by God with a little help from the silly nail strips that I didn’t want to try in the first place. Isn’t life funny? And marvelous? And amazing?

These little $11-13 dollar nail strip that I was convinced would be garbage, changed my life. They changed me. I have gained confidence where I needed it. I have learned the importance of support and hard work. I have learned that if I set my mind to it and I am willing to put in the work, anything is possible. And on days where I faultered, days that I questioned whether I could do it, my upline was there. This group of women were there. They cheered me on and they pushed me through.

And the customers. Oh, the customer are amazing. They are so much more than that. Yes, they buy nails from me but many have become friends. Our kids have had play dates. We have exchanged dating stories. Divorce stories. Kiddo stories. I have laughed with my customers. I have cried with my customers. I have supported them and they have supported me. They are a community and I am so grateful to have them on my side. We share. We have fun and we all have fabulous nails. What more could a girl ask for? Oh, and don’t forget glitter. We have All. The. Glitter.

I never dreamed that I would be in direct sale, let alone, selling nail strips online, but here I am and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now, I am not going to lie. It takes some work and dedication but if you follow the training and listen to the advice that has been given, you can make this business a success.

It could be a water bill, a dance lesson, a car payment, a mortgage or in my case unforgettable memories and experiences with my sweet, small boy. Whatever your financial goals or yours struggles, Color Street can be your answer. It has been for me. Take a chance. Jump on this crazy nail train with me. I promise you will not regret it. I promise the ride will be wild and fun and amazing.

Color Street is so much more than nails. It is a confidence boast. It is learning new skills. It is meeting new people. It friendship. It is support. It is sisterhood. It is laughter and tears. It is the extra something that makes my life a little brighter and a little better. Color Street is a blessing.

Life is not always easy. We all struggle, but if you join my team, I promise that I will support you. I will lift you up. I will show you this is so much more than nail strips. And I will always remind you, in the midst of chaos, sparkle. Don’t let life dull your shine.

Much Love,

The Manicured Mom

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