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Busy, busy, busy…

Life has been so busy that I have not had the time to sit down and formulate my thoughts. I am realizing without putting them down they are whirling in my brain like a tornado. Spinning. Crashing. And being thrown at innocent victims. Stress is high and I am working to get it under control.

Have you every noticed when you have a lot going on that your fuse is shorter? That small tasks seem so much harder? Have you noticed that chaos leads to more chaos and you find yourself trying to dig out of the mess? That’s where I am at.

I went on a fab vacation with the small boy. I came home to a completely full week booked with nail bars, events and meet the teacher. I left for the Color Street Conference, more on that later. I got home late on Sunday, my kiddo started school on Monday. We all know the first week of school is sooo busy. Plus, I was soaking up my time with the small boy. There just never seems to be enough time. This week I have had back to back nail bars (Find our more.) the small boy’s first football practice and the day job has been it’s own chaotic nightmare. So, busy, busy, busy…

So, what do I do? Of course, I let the list get longer. I accept a few more invites. I leave the dishes in the sink. I let the house get a little more cluttered. Busy times lend to chaos for me. When life is choatic, so is my brain and right now I feel like I am sinking. I need to crawl out but the to do list is so long I am feeling defeated before I even start and so I didn’t start.

I must be waiting for a stroke of motivation. That’s it! I’ll do it when motivation hits. It’s bound to happen, but really, I want a magic wand. This life is new hard. There is no one to help. It’s all on me. I have no one to blame for the dishes in the sink or the piles of laundry and don’t get me started on the fur balls in the corner. Oh these sweet, snuggly pets, how I love them and hate their fur. Did I mention I need a magic wand? Do you have one? Do you know where they sell them? Poof! All better. Wouldn’t it be nice?

And so I have survived another day in my chaos. I just hope the hamster doesn’t get loose because I may never find her. No, seriously, it’s not that bad but when I want spotless even 6 dishes in the sink seem terrible. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to it. Oh, wait, I have an event I promised I friend I would go to. So, go, I will and now I am talking like Yoda. I think I need some extra sleep.

And then maybe, once I am rested up I’ll get around to that list in my whirling brain. Until it’s written out, I don’t really need to do it, do I? Moms, do a better job, than I am, at showing yourself some grace. We put unrealistic, June Cleaver expectations on ourselves that are not attainable in the modern world. Especially not for a single mom with a crazy, busy full time job and a amazingly fun but time consuming nail biz. Maybe, June will show me grace. I seem to have lost my own. I’m pretty sure she would snarl at me for my unkept hair and half done make-up.

Right now the only thing I can do is go back to what I need to remember and do my best to stay true to my own word. I will remember, in the midst of chaos, sparkle. Don’t let life dull your shine.

Much Love,

The Manicured Mom

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