Man opening a door to opportunity.
Men's Advocacy, Men's Mental Health, Men's Rights

Men Are Confused Over Values

We live in a world where everything a man does or says is seen as wrong by some women out there. Even the best of men are confused and belittled and frustrated. They don't know which way to turn or which actions are allowed. Around every corner is a toxic feminist screaming that good men are misogynists simply for existing in this world as men. Can you imagine being yelled at for opening a door? Or pulling out a chair? Or smiling and saying "Hi," to a women in a grocery store?

A lonely man with a backpack walks down a foggy path into the unknown.
Men's Advocacy, Men's Mental Health, Men's Rights

Why Men Are Walking Away?

Being an advocate for men is not a popular path to take. Men are seen as privileged in our society. Men are seen as protector and providers. Men are seen as tough and strong. Men are so much more. Men have emotions and struggles and disadvantages that are unique to them. Men need to be seen. Men need to be heard. Men need support and love and appreciation. Men deserve a voice. Men deserve a safe space. Men matter too.