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Build. Burn. Build.

Life has ups and downs and twist and turns. Just when you think you should go left, something forces you right. Just when you start to go up, something knocks you down. It can be crazy and confusing and fun and exhilarating. It can be fulfilling and heartbreaking. Have you ever met someone that had… Continue reading Build. Burn. Build.

Emotional processing

Write your own story.

We move through life at such a rapid pace that sometimes we just exist from day to day without really living. We do what needs to get done and don't think about the impact we are making. Small day to day actions can change your life. They can change your future, yet we do them… Continue reading Write your own story.

Emotional processing

18 summers…

The other day someone mentioned that we only have 18 summers with our littles. This was the first time I had heard this and it made me incredibly sad. But, we have their whole lives? Nope, they have their whole lives. We get 18 until they flee the nest. 18 to make memories to last… Continue reading 18 summers…

Emotional processing, Personal Views

The perception of intentions.

There are so many acts that are done with good intentions that are perceived as anything but nice. It is a messy, dirty world we live in. Our lives are muddled with stories of deceit, infidelity, abuse, sex slavery and political division. You can't trust what you read, you can't trust what you see on… Continue reading The perception of intentions.