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Goodbye to 2020.

I stayed quiet about the pandemic. Everything that needed to be said was being said. I was focusing on my life, my son, my job and my new relationship. I was investing in my future. I was enjoying the downtime. I was also missing friends and family. I was looking for something or someone to… Continue reading Goodbye to 2020.

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Build. Burn. Build.

Life has ups and downs and twist and turns. Just when you think you should go left, something forces you right. Just when you start to go up, something knocks you down. It can be crazy and confusing and fun and exhilarating. It can be fulfilling and heartbreaking. Have you ever met someone that had… Continue reading Build. Burn. Build.

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88 days.

This year has brought more tears than I care to count. Tears brought on by stress, loss and heartbreak. Tears that made me want to crawl in bed and never leave. Tears that were pent up and held back as I was slowly breaking inside. Tears, I was afraid to release because those flood gates… Continue reading 88 days.

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The weight of water.

How much does a glass of water weigh? Not very much at all. The more you fill the glass, the heavier it is and the harder it is to keep from spilling over. A glass is like a new relationship. It's crystal clear and sparkling and light as air. And then, the relationship hits a… Continue reading The weight of water.

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Just 12 days…

My journey has been long. The hill has been steep and the crash has been rough. The last few months of my life have been the hardest I have ever been through. I have cried more tears than I knew my body held. I lost my Dad two and a half months ago and it… Continue reading Just 12 days…

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Don’t escape from life.

I've been diving into life and finding what makes me sparkle. Vacation makes me sparkle. That needs to change. Day to day life needs to make me sparkle. Don't get me wrong, vacations are great. Travel is fun. Getting away to something new is amazing but it shouldn't be the only time we truly enjoy… Continue reading Don’t escape from life.

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When the small boy shines.

We had a very rough, first year of school. Kindergarten was so very hard. Our sweet, kind, little boy exhibited actions that were unfavorable. We started the year with phone calls and visits to the principal's office. Riley has always been so sweet, so kind and so well mannered. He cared about his friends, he… Continue reading When the small boy shines.

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It takes a village.

I have learned that life can not be conquered alone. I can not raise my child alone. I can not solve my problems alone. I can not walk through this life alone. It takes a village. And man, when times get rough, I am thankful for my village. Now, don't get me wrong, not all… Continue reading It takes a village.

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The perception of intentions.

There are so many acts that are done with good intentions that are perceived as anything but nice. It is a messy, dirty world we live in. Our lives are muddled with stories of deceit, infidelity, abuse, sex slavery and political division. You can't trust what you read, you can't trust what you see on… Continue reading The perception of intentions.

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Bring on the heat.

Living in the south, it sometimes feels like we go right from winter to summer. Spring is short lived. As a yankee transplant, the southern spring feels like summer in Northwestern Pennsylvania, it can make me nostalgic, but I'm not moving back. In South Carolina, I go right from winter coats to flip-flops and sometimes… Continue reading Bring on the heat.