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If I could say one last thing…

One of the hardest things to do in life is to move forward when there is no closure to the past. It is like a book that is missing the last few pages. No explanation. No reason. No answers. Just an abrupt end before the story was over. In my heart of hearts, I know… Continue reading If I could say one last thing…

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Anxious much?

I have spent a lot of my life with a quick temper. I am a little more frustration than most. I dwell on things. I worry and then I lash out. At friends, at family, at my sweet kiddo. For the longest time, I have had a bad temper but as I dove into some… Continue reading Anxious much?

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I’m Still Here.

I sit here, alone, at my kitchen table staring at the old stuffed sheep that the small boy carries from room to room. It is the last day of 2019. This year is ending so differently than I had expected. On this day last year, I was planning trips for my family. I was gearing… Continue reading I’m Still Here.

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88 days.

This year has brought more tears than I care to count. Tears brought on by stress, loss and heartbreak. Tears that made me want to crawl in bed and never leave. Tears that were pent up and held back as I was slowly breaking inside. Tears, I was afraid to release because those flood gates… Continue reading 88 days.

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I am just a women.

I am just a woman, a mother, trying to make it through this moment. Sometimes, everything is just too much and the crying just starts out of nowhere. No warning. It is a lot for one woman to hold. We hold our children, hold down our careers, hold down the fort, hold our heads high… Continue reading I am just a women.

Mourning a Love One

Let’s help them grieve.

In Memory of Jace Alexander Lowry."Jace would have been 11 months old today. We would have started the #CountdownToOne by posting pictures every week, planning a birthday party and reflecting on how he has changed our lives in the most amazing way. Instead, we are dreading the #CountdownToOneYear. We are dreading the forever emptiness that’s… Continue reading Let’s help them grieve.

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Just 12 days…

My journey has been long. The hill has been steep and the crash has been rough. The last few months of my life have been the hardest I have ever been through. I have cried more tears than I knew my body held. I lost my Dad two and a half months ago and it… Continue reading Just 12 days…

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Omission is a lie.

Some people don't come right out and lie. They just omit the truth. They give you just enough truthful information to lead you to believe they are making the right choices and doing the right things. They only give you half the story. The other half, well, it is very important. Without it, you don't… Continue reading Omission is a lie.

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Making a fresh start.

It's finally our time. We were on the other side of year one and my husband had more energy to focus on us. He was seeing things more clearly and making decisions that were the best for us, not only him, but our family. We were making a fresh start. We were doing it together.… Continue reading Making a fresh start.

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And let the judgement begin.

As I come public with my life and my struggles, I expect there to be judgement. It's part of the game. There are those that will agree, those that will disagree, those that will be hurt and those that will judge. For those that are hurt, the truth has a tendency to sting. I know… Continue reading And let the judgement begin.