Emotional processing

Today is better.

After my separation sucks pity party, I put my big girl panties on and started down the trail to find my sparkle, again. I spent the the last few days enjoying my family while they were here from Pennsylvania. I recharged my batteries. My sparkle, it was never really gone, I just lost it for… Continue reading Today is better.

Emotional processing

Write your own story.

We move through life at such a rapid pace that sometimes we just exist from day to day without really living. We do what needs to get done and don't think about the impact we are making. Small day to day actions can change your life. They can change your future, yet we do them… Continue reading Write your own story.

Emotional processing

Me time.

This concept of "me time" was so foreign. As a full time working mom who runs a little Color Street nail business (Shop Color Street) on the side, "me time" was few and far between. I relished the few minutes of quiet on a Saturday morning, sitting on my patio with a cup of coffee… Continue reading Me time.

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A whole week.

My sweet little boy left this morning for an entire week at the beach with his father. A whole week. I know this is the future but I have yet to go 7 days without seeing my child. Only once in his six and half years on earth have I ever been a away from… Continue reading A whole week.

Emotional processing

18 summers…

The other day someone mentioned that we only have 18 summers with our littles. This was the first time I had heard this and it made me incredibly sad. But, we have their whole lives? Nope, they have their whole lives. We get 18 until they flee the nest. 18 to make memories to last… Continue reading 18 summers…

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Just 12 days…

My journey has been long. The hill has been steep and the crash has been rough. The last few months of my life have been the hardest I have ever been through. I have cried more tears than I knew my body held. I lost my Dad two and a half months ago and it… Continue reading Just 12 days…

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Don’t escape from life.

I've been diving into life and finding what makes me sparkle. Vacation makes me sparkle. That needs to change. Day to day life needs to make me sparkle. Don't get me wrong, vacations are great. Travel is fun. Getting away to something new is amazing but it shouldn't be the only time we truly enjoy… Continue reading Don’t escape from life.

Personal Views

When the small boy shines.

We had a very rough, first year of school. Kindergarten was so very hard. Our sweet, kind, little boy exhibited actions that were unfavorable. We started the year with phone calls and visits to the principal's office. Riley has always been so sweet, so kind and so well mannered. He cared about his friends, he… Continue reading When the small boy shines.

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It takes a village.

I have learned that life can not be conquered alone. I can not raise my child alone. I can not solve my problems alone. I can not walk through this life alone. It takes a village. And man, when times get rough, I am thankful for my village. Now, don't get me wrong, not all… Continue reading It takes a village.


The Color Street Challenge.

So, I try not to overwhelm you with my obsession with glitter dipped nails but I wanted to share exactly why I fell in love with Color Street. I suck at painting my nails, I am way too impatient too let them dry and I always screw them up. And as relaxing as the nail… Continue reading The Color Street Challenge.